In May of 2017, Melissa and Trish eloped surrounded by the beauty of the woods.

And in September of 2017, Melissa underwent her first round of chemo for Ovarian Cancer. Melissa was unable to join family and friends for the Ovarian Cancer Walk that year, and it broke her heart.

This year, Melissa is cancer free and ready to walk "for those who won their battle with cancer and for those who didn't."

Will you please join me in her goal to raise money for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition through the  2018 Ovarian Cancer Mayors 5K ?

My hope is that with the money we raise more research can be done to find a way to detect ovarian cancer well before it gets to stage 3. Many women are not diagnosed until this stage because the symptoms seem like odd gastrointestinal issues. This has to stop.

I agree. And we love you, and are thankful for you, Melissa.