Van Vleck House and Gardens, and... Edit Monday No. 3 (on a Wednesday)!

Hello Hello!

Ah, it’s been way too long since the last Edit Monday post and now it’s Wednesday but I figured why not. It’s nice to take a breather and show you what I’ve been up to this wedding season!

Have you been to the Van Vleck House and Gardens? It is an absolute treasure, and while they do not host weddings there, you can purchase a permit to have your wedding portraits taken at their grounds. Joyce and Pat were married at Immaculate Conception in Montclair, and this was the perfect stop for photos.

I will have to do a longer post showing more, but for now I wanted to share one of my favorite shots and the editing process behind it.

I want the photographs I take to stand the test of time, and while I like to use photo presets (filters with effects for those not familiar), I decided to take a minimalist approach here. I bumped the contrast and took down some of the highlights to bring out the beautiful tiling.

I worked hard to compose this photo in camera, making sure the lines where as straight as I could get them, as symmetry is something that I love to play with.

I loved the light falling on Joyce’s profile so much, and it was important to preserve that mood and not muck it up with too much editing. I did add a tiny bit of warmth, but over all this is very close to how I captured it in camera.

Just beautiful!!

And, because this is an Edit Monday post, here is the before (or straight out of the camera) shot.

I strive as an artist and professional to create strong photographs in camera— right off the bat.


And bonus! It looks beautiful in Black and White, too!


I am really enjoying this year’s wedding season and I appreciate you for stopping by! I am booking weddings for Fall of 2019 right now and you can contact me here to inquire about rates or with any questions.