Once August arrives it means that fall is around the corner, and if fall is around the corner, so is a brand New Year.


I am looking ahead to some of the projects I want to develop, like creating indoor portraits on both digital & film. 

Resolutions have never been my thing, but I feel a draw to set a few personal goals.

If I can meet some of these resolutions, I'll dub 2019 the year of the artist.

  • Brush up on film & development. I hope to sign up for a refresher and possibly become a member at the Gowanus Darkroom.
  • Brush up on and advance my b&w printing skills.

  • Learn Adobe Illustrator (finally), brush up on Indesign, and maybe take some online courses with Lynda or SVA.

  • Develop my writing skills. This is a tough one because I am convinced that I am a horrible writer.

  • Take advantage of opportunities where I can expand my learning of the Arts.

  • Connect with more clients & friends with an appreciation for film photography; explore ways to keep film as a medium alive.