B&W 35mm film, Kodak 400TX.  The Park Chateau Estate.

B&W 35mm film, Kodak 400TX. The Park Chateau Estate.


As a wedding photographer I shoot digital images while also integrating some 35mm & medium format analog film. Yes, film! That old-time beautiful stuff that comes in rolls and advances frame by frame.

My favorite film to use is either B&W 400-TX or Portra 160 which I usually push one or two stops.

So, what on earth does all of that mean?

For me it means I get to use a medium that I really love as an artist.

Film requires patience and waiting for the right moment. It requires an understanding of light and timing because there’s no looking behind the camera to see your results, and there’s no rapid shooting - just thinking, observing and creating.

I get a lot of inquiries from film-loving people and they’re happy to know that they can get a mix of both digital and film for their wedding day. I consider my digital images to be more polished (still artistic, but just more exact), while my film images are all about embracing the imperfection, the beauty of the grain, and the softness of the moment. It can be hard to explain with words but if you’re an art lover, a photography lover - I’m sure you can understand what I mean. What to chat about film? Just send me a note!