Edit Monday, No. 1


After. "Daughter's shoes, Mother's lace"  Park Chateau  Bridal Suite

After. "Daughter's shoes, Mother's lace" Park Chateau Bridal Suite

Hello! Welcome to Edit Monday, No. 1

Above is a before & after of sunlit shoes underneath a beautiful lace veil. When I edit photos, I work on tone, contrast, detail and cropping. I also enhance photographs by removing small distractions. In the above photo, on the left, you'll notice the marble step under the door. The way it intersected the shoe truly bugged me, so I removed it. I love the edit on the right with the cleaner, simpler lines.

 I would consider this to be a typical edit- though retouching and what to expect is definitely something we can go over in detail during a consult.  I'm going to file these under the category Edit Monday and make this a regular segment.  I hope you follow along!