With all of these projects and resolutions you might be asking where weddings fit into all of this. The beautiful thing about being a freelancer is having the ability to document weddings, while also pursuing other complimentary & artistic goals. 

I'm looking forward to the Fall wedding season and the light that comes with it! Golden hour during the Fall and Winter months is absolutely magical in the Northeast. Beautiful light and vibrant Fall foliage are two of my favorite things and luckily, the Fall season delivers both.

If you've followed me for a while, you know my emphasis has always been to find the right light use it to create the most beautiful portraits possible. I'm so in love with this image for just that reason, taken during the Fall at the Highlawn Pavilion, in West Orange's Eagle Rock Reservation.

Of course, and it goes without saying, but still worth mentioning that not all Fall & Winter days get glow-y lighting. As a photographer in the Northeast, I know this very well. It's what prompted me to write a few tips for Winter Wedding photos. In the guide I talk about things to prepare for and tips and how no matter what the weather, there's still lots of potential for great photographs. I'm going to be rounding up some very pretty images with examples from different scenarios and then it will be complete! Check back soon...