Hello, from Keystone, CO! I'm away for a few days on a working retreat in the beauty of nature. I'm refreshing my spirit, poring over photos I've never shared, thinking about a few projects, and also thinking ahead to the 2018 fall wedding season.

I'm getting an obscene amount of work done and blogging again, as there is something magical about working at your leisure with coffee & friends.

This is my second time in Colorado. The air is so fresh here.  This is my second time in Colorado and I'm really in love. I love to drive and being on the road here is a dream- beautiful winding roads, clouds dancing on the mountains, and the pine trees look like they were painted onto the scene. Like evergreen stalagmites. I wish I had more time here but I'll be back in NJ on Friday. 

Photo from a winter wedding in NJ... but it could easily be Colorado. Call me :)