Chelo Keys

biinar bb

Chelo Keys

I'm at an artist's working retreat in Colorado, and it struck me that it would be the perfect time to post photos from one of the shoots with biinar bb, an artist collective working to bolster female & female identifying artists.

The goal is to build a community of creatives that not only makes art together, but also learns together and supports one another.

This project, entitled EFFLORESCENCE, was styled and produced by Visual Artist, Social Media Strategist, and founder of biinar bb, Amarie Baker.

It's an honor to be a part of such an amazing collective, with different voices, and vibrant stories to tell.




This shoot took place over 2 days, in locations in both Brooklyn and Central Park, with over 10 subjects. There was also video production in preparation for an exhibit by the artist

As a photographer I have always been drawn to color, and I love how these images are threaded together through shades of jade and hints of yellow.

Makeup and flowers were applied by Amarie and members of the shoot, with each subject adorned with an idividualized floral pattern.

Some of the subjects were professional models, while others were artists, mothers, or writers new to modeling.

It was a remarkable experience, and the first in a series of shoots for biinar bb. More to come.