Artistic Wedding Photography

Creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse

Bride in motion, 35mm B&W film.

Bride in motion, 35mm B&W film.

I've gone through a lot of words to try and describe my photography style. Candid, documentary, photojournalistic, and even, romantic. There's nothing wrong with any of these terms, they just always felt a little lacking for what I've wanted to convey. Re-designing my website gave me the opportunity to step back and examine my mission. I looked through the work of my favorite photographers (Robert Doisneau, Vivian Maier & others) and thought about how I wanted to move forward with describing what I do. At the heart of it I am an artist, so I settled on:

Artistic Wedding Photography.

Ok, ok, pretty simple. You might say that it's nothing ground breaking, or that Art is subjective and that artistic wedding photography can mean anything.

But here's what it means to me:

  • I believe in the decisive moment.

  • I believe that photographs should speak for themselves.

  • I believe in taking chances to make art even when it feels terrifying.

  • I believe in keeping my eyes open and my mind still.

  • I believe in creating.

So, artistic wedding photography it is.