What's going on?

What's going on?

A lot.

A career in wedding photography meant devoting all of my creative energy to not just shooting weddings, but marketing, planning, customer service, designing, and editing. It also meant that the majority of photographs I shared were wedding related, and because weddings were my sole means of income, I felt I couldn’t afford to show or devote space to anything else.

I started feeling like I couldn’t be myself, even though I chose a creative career to do just that.

It is very scary in this industry to look like you’re not busy with weddings, but I made a radical choice to slow down, say no more often, and start trying the things that have been nagging at my heart.

It is my joy to say that I have been working as a freelance photo editor and hope to continue along that path.

I also rearranged my website to emphasize the other creative areas and interests I am developing, including editorial, still life, illustrations, and animations (what?!).

I love using illustrator, I love making gifs and graphics, I love shooting still life, I love editorial photography, I love it all. I am cutting myself some slack for being all over the place, but things will become more cohesive as I continue to tinker, practice and explore.

This whole exploration thing has made me very very nervous so I want to emphasize that weddings are still here and that I still love them, and that I absolutely continue to serve and take care of my current clients and commitments.

I need to follow those things that are scary. We’ll see what develops.